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  • Sky Summit's Charms.
  • Blazing Sands' Charms.

Charms are artifacts that you can find when collecting a Treasure Chest in both the maps Sky Summit and Blazing Sands.

List Edit

  • Collected all 10 pieces for the map Sky Summit!
  • And unlock the Ring Hat!

Sky Summit: There are 10 critters you can obtain from treasure chests.

  • Infinite Loop: 100 coins
  • Angel Wings: 100 coins
  • Twisted Root: 250 coins
  • Floating Island: 250 coins
  • Sky Clasp: 500 coins
  • Demon Claw: 1000 coins
  • Ruby Shard: 2500 coins
  • Cave's Maw: 1 gem
  • Mystic Rocks: 1 gem
  • Idol's Curse: 2 gems

Once you collect all 10, you will unlock the Ring Hat.

  • Collected all 8 pieces for the map Blazing Sands!
  • And unlock the Anubis Headgear!

Blazing Sands: There are 8 critters you can obtain from treasure chests.

  • Carved Thigh: 100 coins
  • Emerald Trinket: 100 coins
  • Thigh Dagger: 250 coins
  • Emerald Bite: 250 coins
  • Demon Skull: 500 coins
  • Jaw Bone: 500 coins
  • Vulture Skull: 1000 coins
  • Golden Talon: 1 gem

Once you collect all 8, you will unlock the Anubis Head Piece.

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