• Sky Summit's Charms.
  • Blazing Sands' Charms.

Charms are artifacts that you can find when collecting a Treasure Chest in both the maps Sky Summit and Blazing Sands.

List Edit

  • Collected all 10 pieces for the map Sky Summit!
  • And unlock the Ring Hat!

Sky Summit: There are 10 critters you can obtain from treasure chests.

Artifact Value
Infinite Loop 100 coins
Angel Wings 100 coins
Twisted Root 250 coins
Floating Island 250 coins
Sky Clasp 500 coins
Demon Claw 1,000 coins
Ruby Shard 2,500 coins
Cave's Maw 1 gem
Mystic Rocks 1 gem
Idol's Curse 2 gems

Once you collect all 10, you will unlock the Ring Hat.

  • Collected all 8 pieces for the map Blazing Sands!
  • And unlock the Anubis Headgear!

Blazing Sands: There are 8 critters you can obtain from treasure chests.

Artifact Value
Carved Thigh 100 coins
Emerald Trinket 100 coins
Thigh Dagger 250 coins
Emerald Bite 250 coins
Demon Skull 500 coins
Jaw Bone 500 coins
Vulture Skull 1,000 coins
Golden Talon 1 gem

Once you collect all 8, you will unlock the Anubis Head Piece.

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