Coin Magnet

The Coin Magnet is a rather effective power-up that is useful for attaining coins that are normally hard to obtain by simply tilting the device (accelerometer). When Coin Magnet is activated, the player will automatically attract and attain nearby coins. The Coin Magnet is a temporary power-up - it will only be activated when the player jumps into it and lasts for a limited period.

Temple RunEdit


Karma Lee running with the coin magnet (Temple Run)

Like all powerups, the coin magnet has 5 levels which improve the power-up's abilities.

  • Level 1 (250): Unlocks the power-up with its basic capabilities.
  • Level 2 (1000): Increases the duration of the coin magnet.
  • Level 3 (2500): Doubles coins collected, acting as a secondary coin-value power-up.
  • Level 4 (5000): Increases duration to 500m.
  • Level 5 (7500): Triples coins collected.
  • Level 6 (25000): Allow disabling Coin Magnet

Temple Run 2Edit

  • As a pickup item
  • As a powerup

It is available to be picked up from the beginning. You can also unlock this as an ability upon reacing Level 5.

All upgrades only extend the duration time.