Daily Challenges are "daily" objectives in Temple Run 2. You can earn prizes when they are complete, and daily challenges are reset everyday at midnight.

Rewards Edit


Getting 49 straight consecutive days from the Daily Challenges.

Day 1 (Daily Challenge) Edit

Day 2 (2 consecutive) Edit

  • 500 Coins

Day 3 (3 consecutive) Edit

  • 750 Coins

Day 4 (4 consecutive) Edit

  • 1,000 Coins

Day 5+ (5+ consecutive) Edit

Tips Edit

  • Daily Challenges are a great way to earn coins and gems (found in Treasure Chest), and if you are saving up for a specific character/upgrade, you should do Daily Challenges often.
  • If you currently have the objective Daily Doses (5 Daily Challenges in a row) or Daily Dozen (12 Daily Challenges in a row) to do, you should do a Daily Challenge everyday.
  • Unlike the Artifact Chest which only give you artifacts that can only be redeemed for a small amount of coins, the Treasure Chest earned after 5+ Daily Challenges can give you up to 10,000 coins.