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An example of a death message.


  • But I'm scared of heights!
  • Who left Barney out of his cage?
  • Aaaaaaaah!
  • Mind the gap.
  • End of the road...
  • I'm reporting this safety violation!
  • You fell to your death.
  • Bubble, bubble, bubble...
  • Missed it by *that* much.
  • Not again!
  • Adios!
  • Swimming with the fishes.
  • So close.
  • You made a tasty snack.
  • Feeding time!

Hitting ObjectsEdit

  • Mmmm, crispy explorer.
  • Good thing I have a hard head!
  • Having a bad hair day?
  • An ancient dance of hokey pokey.
  • Simply mystifying!
  • Harder than it looks...    
  • Caught you!
  • Tree hugger!
  • Trees hurt.                                                                                              

Evil Demon MonkeysEdit

  • You made a tasty snack.
  • Nom nom... leathery!
  • I eat explorers like you for breakfast.
  • Smells like toast.

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