Evil Demon Monkeys (or devil monkeys) are the main antagonists of Temple Run and its sequel, Temple Run 2. They chase the player in their quest to retrieve the golden idol.


The Demon Monkeys have skull like masks on their heads and black fur. in Temple run 2 one large monkey and sounds similar to a roar.

Temple RunEdit

Monkey Chase
In the original Temple Run, there are three small evil demon monkeys, who are in active pursuit of the character throughout the course of the game. Their appearance is similar to that of normal monkeys except for their heads, which appear as an eerie looking skull with glowing green eyes. Demon Monkeys have long, forked tongues, as can be observed on one of the games's wallpapers. Demon Monkeys in the first game are also known for the high pitched noises they emit, however, in the sequel this noise has been altered, and sounds more similar to a roar.

Temple Run 2Edit

Demon Monkey TR2
In Temple Run 2, the three demon monkeys from the previous game have been replaced with one large monkey. This demon has thicker limbs than its counterparts, and is known to run on all fours much like a gorilla.

The Demon Skull Mask and the Demon Claw Ring are based off of these creatures. The claw is a reminder that a single trip can be deadly and the skull is rumored to have power over the beasts.

In the Spooky Summit update, the demon monkey retained its original looks, but in ghost form.
In recent release of Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows, there are variations with white spiky hair. Other than the chasing one, some more may appear at crossroads and block either path. They are slightly smaller than the one that naturally chases the player. When riding the luge the player is shown skeletons of demon monkey frozen within the ice as an obstacle.
In the Frozen Festival update, the demon monkey have reindeer antlers, and wears a red Christmas sweater. Smaller ones appear in Y-junctions, blocking either path.
In the recent release of Temple Run 2: Blazing Sands, the demon monkey has pangolin scales on it's back and shoulders, and a tail. While exiting the pyramid, it rolls before it chases the runner. There are statues in the runway that resemble demon monkeys.
In the Lost Jungle and Jungle Fall update, the demon monkey has been altered quite a bit. It is green and its head has marks on it possibly because it is a worshipped creature there. It is also covered in thick branches, indicating that the creature is covered in plants or is maybe even half plant.
In the Lost Jungle - Lantern Festival update, the wood-type demon monkey has a gold look, and have dragon scales for a skin.

In the Temple Run "Run for your life" series there has been even more demon monkeys! For example in Pyramid Peril a mummified monkey chases you. There is also a scene in Doom Lagoon where a baby demon monkey with its mother finds you.


"I eat explorers like you for breakfast."
"You made a tasty snack."
"Nom nom... leathery!"
-captured a runner.

"Smells like toast."
"Mmmm, crispy explorer."
-smells a burnt runner.

"Caught you!"
-caught a runner in a skull trap.


Temple RunEdit

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