Football is a set of artifacts that you can find in Temple Run 2 when collecting a Treasure Chest in the June 8, 2018 update.

There are 8 artifacts you can obtain from treasure chests.

  • Collect all 8 artifacts, and...
Artifact Value Description
Game Worn Jersey 100 coins Complete with grass stains and sweat!
Referee Whistle 100 coins Wearers of this shall be subject to ridicule!
Red Card 250 coins You know what you did...
Fan Flags 250 coins Show your true colors!
Smelly Cleats 500 coins Just the mere thought of them sends tears to your eyes.
Petrified Ball 500 coins WARNING - Do Not Kick
Golden Trophy 1,000 coins Inscribed with the name of your favorite team!
Keeper's Gloves 1 gem These gloves have seen quite some use!