Freya Coldheart is one of the limited time characters In Temple Run 2. She alongside Sigur Frostbeard can be unlocked for 60 gems when the Frozen Shadows map was released.

Description Edit

She appears in Valkyrian armour, carries a mace and a U-shaped shield. However, only the shield is visible on her back when running.

Her default winged helmet can be swapped with any other hat that has been obtain via artifacts.

Quotes Edit

Freya Coldheart's quotes are also the same as Sigur Frostbeard's quotes.

Gallery Edit


  • Both her and Sigur Frostbeard are the only ones to raise their right hands up when jumping, and if "jumping" while on the slide for the "newly" updated Frozen Shadows, a faint cheering sounds can be heard!

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