• Frozen Shadows is a map that was released in December 2015. It is most likely based on a sub-Arctic frozen tundra with lots of frosted obstacles and even a frozen river slide.


  • This map features an icy and snowy runway; as its name suggests. Obstacles include ice shards, frozen barriers, and snowy chasms. The background includes frosted trees and snowy mountains.
  • Like the water section in Sky Summit, there is a similar section that seems to be something like a frozen river. The character slides down it in the skull of a large demon monkey, standing in it like it is a snowboard, moving slightly faster than normal, and also the character is trying to avoid any rock barriers and ice blocks in his/her way.



  • In the right turn with a huge rock (without ice shards), when a player makes a right turn from the left side, the player crashes.
  • This glitch was fixed on the June 1, 2017 update.
  • In the sliding section where the player on a rock sled must jump over the gaps, there is a small chance the player might make a low jump and fall into one.


  • Unlike Sky Summit, Blazing Sands, and Lost Jungle, during gameplay, a Y-shaped crossturn will appear, with a demon monkey jumping and blocking on either side of the crossturn.
  • This map was released near Christmas.
  • There is a chance the map is based on the temple run book "Arctic rescue". There are a lot of features in both of them most notably the ice ramp you slide on.