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This is a list of them and how to achieve them.

Temple RunEdit

There are 56 objectives in Temple Run.

Novice Runner Run 500m
Pocket Change Collect 100 coins
Adventurer Score 25,000 points
Sprinter Run 1,000m
Miser Run Run 500m without collecting a coin
Piggy Bank Collect 250 coins
Treasure Hunter Score 50,000 points
Mega Bonus Fill the bonus meter 4x
Athlete Run 2,500m
Lump Sum Collect 500 coins
Resurrection Resurrect after dying
Basic Powers Upgrade all power ups to level 1
High Roller Score 100,000 points
Payday Collect 750 coins
Head Start Use a Head Start
Steady Feet Run 2,500m without tripping
Allergic to Gold Run 1,000m without collecting a coin
5K Runner Run 5,000m
No.Trip.Runner Run 5,000m without tripping
1/4 Million Club Score 250,000 points
Double Resurrection Resurrect after dying twice in one game
Money Bags Collect 1,000 coins
1/2 Million Club Score 500,000 points
Super Powers Upgrade all power ups to level 5
Dynamic Duo Unlock 2 characters
Temple Runner Play over 1,000 games
Minor Miner 100,000 lifetime coins
Marathoner 100,000 lifetime meters
Million Club Score 1,000,000 points
Money Bin Collect 2,500 coins
Fantastic Four Unlock 4 characters
Interior Decorator Unlock 3 wallpapers
Sexy Six Unlock 6 characters
10K Runner Run 10,000m
Fort Knox Collect 5,000 coins
Pro Temple Runner Play over 5,000 games
Circumnavigator 1,000,000 lifetime meters
Magnet Miner Collect 5 Magnets in one run
Coin Jumper Collect 5 Coin Powerups in one run
Invisible Collect 5 Invisibilities in one run
Booster Shot Collect 5 Boosts in one run
2.5 Million Club Score 2,500,000 points
Magnetic Personality Collect 10 magnets in one run
Gold Explosion Collect 10 Coin Powerups in one run
Unbreakable Collect 10 Invisibilities in one run
Speed Demon Collect 10 boosts in one run
5 Million Club Scored 5,000,000 points
The Spartan 1 million without power ups
The Attractor Collect 20 Magnets in one run
Golden God Collect 20 Coin Powerups in one run
Invincible Collect 20 Invisibilities in one run
The Rocket Collect 20 Boosts in one run
10 Million Club Scored 10,000,000 points
MegaRunner Play over 10,000 games
Midas Touch 1,000,000 lifetime coins
Infinirunner 10,000,000 lifetime meters

Temple Run 2Edit

There are 107 objectives in Temple Run 2.

Novice Runner: Run 500 meters

Pocket Change: Collect 100 coins

Adventurer: Score 25,000 points

Sprinter: Run 1,000 meters

Piggy Bank: Collect 250 coins

Treasure Hunter: Score 50,000 points

Stingy: Run 250 m collecting no coins

High Roller: Score 100,000 points

Miser Run: Run 500 m collecting no coins

Gem Collector: Find a gem

Lump Sum: Collect 500 coins in one run

Cheat Death: Use a 'Save Me'

Power Collector: Unlock a 3rd powerup

Athlete: Run 2,500 meters

Payday: Collect 750 coins

Allergic to Gold: 1,000 m collecting no coins

1/4 Million Club: Score 250,000 points

Lucky Strike: Collect 2 gems in one run

Couch to 5K: Collect 5,000 coins

Bonus Items: Collected 20 bonus items

5K Runner: Run 5,000 meters

Steady Feet: Run 2,500 m without tripping

1/2 Million Club: Score 500,000 points

Head Start: Use a Head Start

Double Resurrection: Use 'Save Me' twice in one run

Pickup Power: Collect 20 powerups

Money Bags: Collect 1,000 coins

No.Trip.Runner: Run 5,000 m without tripping

9 Lives: Use 'Save Me' 9 times

Marathoner: 100,000 lifetime meters

10K Runner: Run 10,000 meters

Money Bin: Collect 2,500 coins

Million Club: Score 1 million points

Minor Miner: 100,000 lifetime coins

Fort Knox: Collect 5,000 coins in one run

2.5 Million Club: Score 2.5 million points

The Spartan: Score 1 million points without power ups

5 Million Club: Score 5 million points

Circumnavigator: 1 million lifetime meters

Gold Miner: 500,000 lifetime coins

10 Million Club: Score 10 million points

Jackpot: Collect 5 gems in one run

Speedy Start: Use 5 Head Starts

Daily Dose: Complete a Daily Challenge

A Week's Work: Complete all Weekly Challenges

Daily Doses: 5 consecutive Daily Challenges

Daily Dozen: 12 consecutive Daily Challenges

Weakly Challenged: Complete a Weekly Challenge

Archaeology 101: Find an Artifact

Artifact Scavenger: Find 5 different Artifacts

Lucky Charms: Find all 10 Sky Summit Charm Artifacts

Temple Runner: Complete 100 Lifetime Runs

Totemic: Find all 10 Sky Summit Totem Artifacts

Summit Fauna: Find all 10 Sky Summit Fauna Artifacts

Botanist: Find all 10 Sky Summit Flora Artifacts

Reliquary: Find all 10 Sky Summit Relic Artifacts

Fox Trot: Run 50,000 m with Scarlett Fox

Powerless: Run 2,500 m with no powerups

Fashionable: Unlock a Hat

Photojournalist: Run 50,000 m with Maria Selva

Private Collection: Collect 20 different Artifacts

Powering Up: Fill Power Meter 5x in one run

Artifact Dealer: Redeem 10 Artifact Rewards

Power Play: Fill Power Meter 10x in one run

1 Life: Score 500,000 points, 'No Save Me'

Fashion First: Unlock an Outfit

Many Hats: Unlock 5 Hats

Unstoppable: Score 1 million points, 'No Save Me'

Frozen Runner: Score 1 million in Frozen Shadows

Frozen Fox: Run 5,000 m with Scarlett Fox's "Mountaineer" Outfit

A Frozen Guy: Run 50,000 m with Guy Dangerous's "Aviator" Outfit

Going Global: Finish a Global Challenge

It's a Trap!: Survive 10 times in the "Hall of Kings"

Outrider: Run 10,000 m with Barry Bones's "Outrider" Outfit

Invincible: Score 2.5 million points, 'No Save Me'

Shadow Walker: Run 50,000 m with Karma Lee's "Shadow Walker" Outfit

Top Prize: Earn the Top Prize in a Global Challenge

Jungle Coin Collector: Collect 700 coins in Lost Jungle

The Lost Runner: Complete 100 runs in Lost Jungle

Rahi Runner: Run 10,000 m with Rahi Raaja

Artifact Curator: Collect 10 different Artifacts

Infinity and Beyond: Run 500,000 lifetime meters

Score Junkie: Score 2 million points

Gem Apprentice: Collect 50 lifetime gems

Gem Master: Collect 100 lifetime gems

Token Hunter: Find a Token

Token Machine: Find 5 Tokens

Token Collector: Complete a Token set

Ultra Marathoner: Run 5 million lifetime meters

Challenger: Finish 5 Global Challenges

To be continued, 17 objectives left

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