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There are 36 objectives in Temple Run. This is a list of them and how to achieve them.

List of objectivesEdit

Novice Runner: Run 500m

Pocket Change: Collect 100 coins

Adventurer: Score 25,000 points

Sprinter: Run 1,000m

Miser Run: Run 500m without collecting a coin

Piggy Bank: Collect 250 coins

Treasure Hunter: Score 50,000 points

Mega Bonus: Fill the bonus meter 4x

Athlete: Run 2,500m

Lump Sum: Collect 500 coins

Resurrection: Resurrect after dying

Basic Powers: Upgrade all power ups to level 1

High Roller: Score 100,000 points

Payday: Collect 750 coins

Head Start: Use a Head Start

Steady Feet: Run 2,500m without tripping

Allergic to Gold: Run 1,000m without collecting a coin

5K Runner: Run 5,000m

No.Trip.Runner: Run 5,000m without tripping

1/4 Million Club: Score 250,000 points

Double Resurrection: Resurrect after dying twice in one game

Money Bags: Collect 1,000 coins

1/2 Million Club: Score 500,000 points

Super Powers: Upgrade all power ups to level 5

Dynamic Duo: Unlock 2 characters

Million Club: Score 1,000,000 points

Money Bin: Collect 2,500 coins

Fantastic Four: Unlock 4 characters

The Glitch: Tried to cheat

Lucky Strike: Collected 2 gems in one run

Couch to 5K: Collected 5,000 coins

Bonus Items: Collected 20 bonus items

9 Lives: Used 'Save Me' 9 times

Marathoner: 100,000 lifetime meters

10K Runner: Ran 10,000 meters

2.5 Million Club: Scored 2,500,000 points

The Spartan: 1 million without power ups

5 Million Club: Scored 5,000,000 points

Jackpot: Collected 5 gems in one run

Speedy Start: Used 5 'Head Starts'

10 Million Club: Scored 10,000,000 points

Circumnavigator: 1,000,000 lifetime meters

Gold Miner: 500,000 lifetime coins

Infinirunner: 10,000,000 lifetime meters

Midas Touch: 1,000,000 lifetime coins

Photojournalist: Ran 50,000m with Maria Selva (Temple Run 2)

To be continued

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