The following is a list of obstacles in the game Temple Run.


There are three different types of trees, each spanning the path your player runs on. One is a small root that grows across the path in the main temple-themed setting. The player jumps over it, and if your character hits it, he/she will trip and the Evil Demon Monkeys will get closer, although the thin part of the root can be ran over without tripping. The next is a neck-high wall of tree that your player must either jump over or die. These appear on the temple course only. Then there's a chest-level arch of roots that your player must slide under or die. These appear over the tall, narrow stones and temple courses.

Spring traps and firebreathing statuesEdit

I don't know if there's an official name for these. Each Over-Under consists of two poles on the sides of the course and something between them that spans it. In the main temple course, the poles are fire-breathing statues with a constant plume of fire between them, and on the wooden docks and tall, narrow stones two wooden staves are connected by a square beam decorated with human skulls. In either case, your character must either jump over the span or slide under them, or die. (Hence, Over-Unders.)


Water appears all around the player during the game. The player can fall in the water if they do not turn a corner in time or if they fall into a gap. It is unknown whether or not the water is actually poisonous to the player, if the player drowns, or if the alligators and other creatures of the water simply eat the player. It is known, however, that the player's run does end upon touching the water.

The CourseEdit

The course itself, the path your player runs on, becomes its own obstacle at many points. Whenever the player transitions from the wooden docks or tall, narrow stones back onto the main temple course, there is a ledge (docks) or gap (stones) that the player must jump over or die.