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The following is a list of powerups in the game Temple Run. For information on the differences in levels, visit the main article of the respective powerup.

Mega CoinEdit

Main article: Mega Coin

When the player collects Mega Coin, a certain amount of coins are automatically given to the player. The amount of coins depends on the level of the powerup.

Coin MagnetEdit

Main article: Coin Magnet

When the player collects Coin Magnet, the player automatically collects all of the nearby coins. In addition, at certain levels of the powerup, the Coin Magnet can double the value of a coin collected. The length depends on the level of the powerup.


Main article: Invincibility

When the player collects Invincibility, the character receives immunity to all obstacles for a brief period of time, and the game fills in imaginary ground into gaps and holes. The player can still control the character. When the player flashes, it signals that it will end soon. The length depends on the level of the powerup.


Main article: Boost

When the player collects Boost, the character receives a boost forward a certain distance. The game controls the character during this period of time, and the character cannot die during this time. The character will slow down before becoming normal. The distance of the boost depends on the level of the powerup.

Coin ValuesEdit

Main article: Coin Values

When the player collects Coin Values, the values of the coins in the game change. The values of the coins and where this powerup comes into effect depends on the level of the powerup. This is the only powerup in the game that activates automatically and cannot be collected.

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