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Lost Jungle is a new map in Temple Run 2 that was released on March 29, 2017.

Description Edit

Lost Jungle is a world with forests, green slides, giant snakes, venus flytraps, and temple remains as obstacles. It appears to take place in the ruins of a jungle temple, hence its name. The first section the player will ALWAYS encounter is the rainforest. Here the player runs on worn-out gray trails, and obstacles include gaps in the trail, giant snakes to duck, and venus flytraps as obstacles. There is a main temple section that the player will usually enter at around 1000-1500m distance, which looks like a temple path and has obstacles such as crocodile-infested rivers and statues. Occasionally, the player will encounter a zipline that will lead them to the gold mine section, which is filled with gold and bronze statues. It is more dark than the other sections and appears to be inside a cave. However, the gold mine section is said to be the easiest section of all, without that many environmental obstacles or modifiers.

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