Manuscripts are artifacts that you can find when collecting a Treasure Chest in the Lost Jungle.


There are 8 artifacts you can obtain from treasure chests.

  • Collect all 8 artifacts, and...
Artifact Value Description
Wooden Story Tablets 100 coins These wooden tablets hold stories of lost heroes.
Ancient Clay Coins 100 coins These coins were used long ago.
Fallen Tapestry 250 coins This tapestry is filled with vivid colors despite its age.
Feathered Talisman 250 coins Only the finest peacock feathers were used for these ritual talismans.
Stacks of Scripts 500 coins The ancient era newspapers were announcing the birth of a new king.
Shattered Tablet 250 coins Smashed into pieces, this tablet once depicted the face of a god.
Singed Scroll 1 gem The smell of fire still lingers.
Spider Tome 1,000 coins Watch out, this one comes with friends.