Maps are different environments in Temple Run 2 that you can play in. As of now, there are currently eight maps (Sky SummitFrozen ShadowsBlazing Sands, Lost Jungle, Spooky Summit, Frozen Festival, Jungle Fall, and Lost Jungle - Lantern Festival).

Map InfoEdit

Here is the Map Info, which are in the five info-boxes below.



Specific to Sky SummitEdit

  • It was the only world in the whole game until December 1, 2015.
  • It is the world with the most artifacts currently, being 50 in total.

Specific to Frozen ShadowsEdit

  • It is the only world where there are three sections in the runway, the main world, the ice slide, and the frozen tunnels.

Specific to Blazing SandsEdit

  • It is the only world to be released in two parts, the main world and the Hall of Kings.

Specific to Lost JungleEdit

  • It and Sky Summit are the only worlds to have zip-lines in them.

Specific to Spooky SummitEdit

  • It is the only world to be a counterpart/parody to another world (Sky Summit).

Specific to Frozen FestivalEdit

  • It is the Christmas version of Frozen Shadows. The runway is decorated with gifts and Christmas decorations.

Specific to Jungle FallEdit

  • It's the autumn version of Lost Jungle. The leaves are red, yellow and brown (in Lost Jungle they're all green).

Specific to Lost Jungle - Lantern FestivalEdit

  • It is the Chinese New Year version of Lost Jungle. The runway is decorated with Chinese lanterns and have fireworks in the sky.