Maps are different environments in Temple Run 2 that you can play in. As of now, there are currently six maps (Sky SummitFrozen ShadowsBlazing Sands, Spooky Summit, Lost Jungle and Jungle Fall (link isn't created yet)).

Map Info Edit

Here is the Map Info, which are in the five info-boxes below.

Trivia Edit

General Edit

  • Frozen Shadows has the highest amount of unlockable characters to go along with it, being four in total.

Specific to Sky Summit Edit

  • It was the only world in the whole game until December 1, 2015.
  • It is the world with the most artifacts currently, being 50 in total.

Specific to Frozen Shadows Edit

  • It is the only world where there are only two sections in the runway (the main temple and the ice slide)

Specific to Blazing Sands Edit

  • It is the only world to be released in two parts, the main world and the Hall of Kings.

Specific to Spooky Summit Edit

  • It is the only world to be a counterpart/parody to another world (Sky Summit).

Specific to Lost Jungle Edit

  • It and Sky Summit are the only worlds to have zip-lines in them.

Specific to Jungle Fall Edit

  • It's the autumn version of Lost Jungle. The leaves are red, yellow and brown (in Lost Jungle they're all green :) )

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