Maria Selva is a new character that was introduced and is only available in Temple Run 2.

Outfit Edit

Maria's outfit consists of a lime green t-shirt with a cream colored vest, dark green shorts, gloves and boots of the same color and she holds a smartphone in her hand. She also has a dark green strap bag, and there is a silver camera on her belt. Her hairstyle is brown and white, and it is shaved on one side.

In the March 9, 2017 update, Maria comes with the Brooklyn outfit, and can be purchased for 60 gems.

Additional Facts Edit

Maria can be purchased for 100,000 coins.

When she is selected to run, she occasionally takes selfies with her smartphone. So far, she is the only character who has an ability like this.

Quotes Edit

-caught by a demon monkey.

"I have no signal here!"
"Must... Take... Selfie!"
-falling off a cliff.

"Is this waterproof?"
-falling into a rushing river.

"Cracked again!"
-crashing to walls and objects.

"Over exposed!"
"Flash fried!"
-getting burned.

"Who put that there?"
-crashing to a tree.

"Is this covered under warranty?"
-crashing on traps (excluding twintraps).

"Don't text and mine."
-crashing on objects in the mines.

"It was a left, right?"
-crashing to a wall in the mines.

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Trivia Edit

  • "Don't text and mine" is a pun for public road safety phrases "Don't drink/text and drive".