Mrs. Claus is one of the limited time characters in Temple Run 2. She can be unlocked alongside Santa Claus for 60 gems during Christmas.

Quotes Edit

Once you use Mrs Claus or Santa Claus and you die, there automatically is a Christmas joke above your score. Examples of this are:

"You taste like milk and cookies."
"A delicious holiday treat!"
-caught by a demon monkey.

"Christmas is canceled!"
-falling off a cliff.

"I thought it was frozen!"
"Wish I was in the North Pole!"
-falling into a rushing river.

"Dashing through the Umph!"
"Jingle bell... ROOOOOCKS!"
-crashing to a wall.

"Chestnuts aren't the only thing roasting!"
"Like coal in a stocking!"
-getting burned.

"More than gifts under that tree!"
"Decorated by Mrs. Claus!"
-crashing to a tree.

"Did an elf leave that there?"
"Holidays are always such a mess."
-crashing to a trap.

"Maybe Rudolph will find me."
-crashing to a wall in the mines.

Gallery Edit

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