The Pause Menu is an interface that pops up when the game is paused by clicking the pause-button in the lower right corner of the playing interface, under the golden idol .

The InterfaceEdit

From the menu you can see your current statistics such as score, distance, and coins collected. Your next objective, based on the sorting of objectives by the game are also displayed.


As with most other games, you have three commands:

Resume - Resumes the game. However, there will be a countdown after clicking the Resume option where you can get ready for the next move

New Game - This restarts your current runner session and begins a new one. You will be prompted again whether you have confirmed.

Main Menu - Returns you to the main menu. Like the new game command, you will also be prompted.


If you click the resume button, there will be a 3-second countdown which lets you prepare back for the game. While the countdown is occuring, and there is an obstacle ahead, you can still quickly incorporate the manuever continuously during the countdown to insure that the obstacle will be avoided.