• Mega Coin
  • Coin Magnet
  • Invincibility
  • Boost
  • Coin Values
Powerups are collectible items that appear in Temple Run. Powerups randomly appear in the game in different places, and each have a different effect. Powerups also can be upgraded in the store. A powerup will not appear in the game until it has been upgraded to at least Level 1, and can be upgraded up to a maximum of five levels. Each powerup changes based on its upgrade, and those changes are listed below.

List of powerupsEdit

Main article: List of powerups

Mega Coin: Gives extra coins. The amount depends on the level of the powerup.

Coin Magnet: Collects all nearby coins automatically. The length depends on the level of the powerup.

Invisibility: Gives the character immunity to all obstacles for a brief period of time, and fills in imaginary ground into gaps and holes. The player can still control the character. When the player flashes, it signals that it will end soon. The length depends on the level of the powerup.

Boost: Gives the character a boost forward a certain distance. The game controls the character during this period of time, and the character cannot die during this time. The character will slow down before becoming normal. The distance of the boost depends on the level of the powerup.

Coin Values: Changes the values of the coins in the game. The values of the coins and where this powerup comes into effect depends on the level of the powerup. This is the only powerup in the game that activates automatically and cannot be collected.

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