Ressurection wings

The tab for Resurrection Wings in the shop.

"Resurrection Wings" is a utility found in the store. When activated, these wings will resurrect the player back to life and continue to progress the game. However, it only lasts for 30 seconds before blinking until it disappears and can be reactivated after 20 seconds. A distinctive loud ping notifies the player that another pair of wings is ready to be reactivated, followed by a wing icon to appear under the scoreboard. In addition, when the player dies, he/she will spawn again followed by a countdown before resuming the game. After this, Invisibility is automatically enabled for roughly 3-5 seconds, giving the players a chance to navigate around some difficult and confusing obstacles. Each Wings cost 500 coins and has a similar appearance as glowing white angelic wings.

It is advisable to buy many pairs of Wings, if a player consistently dies every time or if one plans to set a new high score. Using them constantly can lead to longer distances and higher scores. Resurrecting after death earns you the achievement, "Resurrection" and resurrecting twice in one run earns you the achievement, "Double Resurrection".

These are only found in the first Temple Run.