Scarlett Fox is a female character in both Temple Run and Temple Run 2. According to the description, she is described as a "cunning escape artist". In the first game, she has a bit orange-reddish hair in ponytail, although in the artworks her hair is red.

Her appearances was designed similar to Guy Dangerous, and the most noticeable is they were both redheaded.


Temple Run 1Edit

She wears a pale-grey shirt with colorful straps on her back and olive green pants. In her death artworks, her clothes changed to plain shirt without any straps on her back. She can be purchased for 10,000 coins.

Temple Run 2Edit

Her outfits consists of a cream coloured tank top and dark brown pants. She also wears leather band around her neck and carrying a moss green backpack on her back. However, her backpack and pants swapped color in her death artworks. She can be purchased for 5,000 coins. After unlocked her, you can use Boost powerup.


"Ants. Why did it have to be ants?"
"Are we bugging you?"
-crashing to a tree log on the runway.

"Mind if I hang out?"
"Two lovebirds..."
-crashing to a tree.

"Having a bad hair day?"
-getting burned.


Temple RunEdit

Temple Run 2Edit