Sir Montague is one of the limited time characters that can only be obtained by ranking at least in top 5% of the Leaderboard Challenge in the Halloween update of 2016 for Temple Run 2. After the challenge, he was then also available for 120 Gems. He returns in the September 1, 2017 update, and can be unlocked for 30 tokens.

Additional FactsEdit

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Much like Wolfman, he cannot wear any hats at all.


"Where's the meat?"
"Demon monkeys need tooth picks too!"
-getting caught by a demon monkey.

"You fell to your death... Oh wait..."
-falling from the runway.

"Do bones float?"
-falling into a rushing river.

"Bone crushing..."
"Ground into a fine calcium dust."
-crashing into a trap.

"I've got a bone to pick on you."
"Death doesn't scare me!"
"Maybe I've been running too long..."
"At least these arrows didn't hit my knee.."
-falling into a rushing river.
-getting burned.
-crashing into walls/objects/traps/trees.