• Sky Summit's Totems.
  • Frozen Shadows' Totems.
  • Lost Jungle's Totems.

Totems are artifacts that you can find when collecting a Treasure Chest in Sky Summit, Frozen Shadows and Lost Jungle in Temple Run 2.


Sky SummitEdit

There are 10 artifacts you can obtain from treasure chests.

  • Collect 10 artifacts, and...
Artifact Value Description
Fire Breather 100 coins Belonged to a hotheaded rock with a taste for explorer flambe.
Infinite Seeker 100 coins Face of a minor deity with a bad sense of time.
Traveling Tiki 250 coins The territorial sprite that's always at your feet.
Skyward Scream 250 coins A channel to the listening skies.
Serpents Smile 500 coins Thought to summon the slithering armies.
Silent Menace 1,000 coins Communes silently with the river watching trees.
Jade Monster 2,500 coins For the jealous explorer eyeing a friend's treasure.
The Gatekeeper 1 gem Defender of the realm.
Demon Skull 1 gem Rumored to have power over the beasts of the land.
Face of the Idol 2 gems Grants wishes, for a price.

Frozen ShadowsEdit

There are 11 artifacts (although originally there were 6) you can obtain from treasure chests.

  • Collect 11 artifacts, and...
Artifact Value Description
Frozen Dragon Egg 100 coins Whatever you do, don't add fire!
Frozen Claw 250 coins Da claw, DA CLAW!!
Frozen Goblet 500 coins Probably not the holy grail.
Frozen Boot 1,000 coins Seriously, who loses a boot?
Ice Dagger 1 gem Recommended by 9 out of 10 back stabbers.
Ceremonial Blade 2 gems Don't bet your life on it.

The following were added at a later date:

Light Shield 100 coins Great for eliminating muffin tops.
Wyvern Shield 250 coins Not approved for dragon slaying.
Viking Shield 500 coins Anatomically correct.
Skull Shield 2,500 coins May contain chemicals known to cause cowardice.
Serpent Shield 1 gem Spin till head catches tail.

Lost JungleEdit

There are 8 artifacts you can obtain from treasure chests.

  • Collect 8 artifacts, and...
Artifact Value Description
Worn Brass Kettle 100 coins Genie not included*
Pocket Compass 100 coins It doesn't seem to always point north anymore.
Critter Box 200 coins Something has made this little box its home.
Small Elephant Statue 250 coins Beautifully crafted, the colors are still vivid.
Amethyst Hourglass 500 coins It still works!
Flower Candle 250 coins The flower petals open to reveal the candle.
Clay Mortar 1 gem This mortar still smells of crushed herbs.
Peacock Fan 1,000 coins The inset gems' colors match the feathers perfectly.