• Sky Summit's Totems.
  • Frozen Shadows' Totems.
  • Lost Jungle's Totems.

Totems are artifacts that you can find when collecting a Treasure Chest in both Sky Summit and Frozen Shadows in Temple Run 2.


Sky SummitEdit

There are 10 artifacts you can obtain from treasure chests.

  • Collect 10 artifacts, and...
Artifact Value
Fire Breather 100 coins
Infinite Seeker 100 coins
Traveling Tiki 250 coins
Skyward Scream 250 coins
Serpents Smile 500 coins
Silent Menace 1,000 coins
Jade Monster 2,500 coins
The Gatekeeper 1 gem
Demon Skull 1 gem
Face of the Idol 2 gems

Frozen ShadowsEdit

There are 11 artifacts (although originally there were 6) you can obtain from treasure chests.

  • Collect 11 artifacts, and...
Artifact Value
Frozen Dragon Egg 100 coins
Frozen Claw 250 coins
Frozen Goblet 500 coins
Frozen Boot 1,000 coins
Ice Dagger 1 gem
Ceremonial Blade 2 gems

The following were added at a later date:

Light Shield 100 coins
Wyvern Shield 250 coins
Viking Shield 500 coins
Skull Shield 2,500 coins
Serpent Shield 1 gem

Lost JungleEdit

There are 8 artifacts you can obtain from treasure chests.

  • Collect 8 artifacts, and...
Artifact Value
Worn Brass Kettle 100 coins
Pocket Compass 100 coins
Critter Box 200 coins
Small Elephant Statue 250 coins
Amethyst Hourglass 500 coins
Flower Candle 250 coins
Clay Mortar 1 gem
Peacock Fan 1,000 coins

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