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  • Sky Summit's Totems.
  • Frozen Shadows' Totems.

Totems are Artifacts that you can find when collecting a Treasure Chest in both Sky Summit and Frozen Shadows in Temple Run 2.

List Edit

Sky Summit:

  • Collecting the pieces for the map Sky Summit!
  • Collected all 10 pieces for the map!
  • And unlock the Monkey Headgear!
  • Fire Breather: 100 coins
  • Infinite Seeker: 100 coins
  • Traveling Tiki: 250 coins
  • Skyward Scream: 250 coins
  • Serpents Smile: 500 coins
  • Silent Menace: 1,000 coins
  • Jade Monster: 2500 coins
  • The Gatekeeper: 1 gem
  • Demon Skull: 1 gem
  • Face of the Idol: 2 gems

Frozen Shadows: There are 11 pieces total (although originally there were 6), and once you've obtained all of them, you can unlock the Fluffy Earmuffs.

  • The first 5 pieces for Frozen Shadows.
  • Collected all 11 pieces!
  • And unlock the Fluffy Earmuffs!
  • Frozen Dragon Egg: 100 coins
  • Frozen Claw
  • Frozen Goblet: 500 coins
  • Frozen Boot: 1000 coins
  • Ice Dagger: 1 gem
  • Ceremonial Blade: 2 gems

The following were added at a later date:

  • Light Shield: 100 coins
  • Wyvern Shield: 250 coins
  • Viking Shield: 500 coins
  • Skull Shield: 2500 coins
  • Serpent Shield: 1 gem

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