• Comicboss4000

    Here is why I think the new character introduced with Lost Jungle, Rahi Raaja is a big fraud and rip-off. 

    1. He costs only 5000 coins, the same as Scarlett Fox.
    2. Rahi Raaja is entirely a male version of Scarlett Fox, as they both come with the Boost ability.
    3. Regarding #2, why not by Scarlett Fox, the character that's more easily accessible instead?
    4. Scarlett Fox looks better, and has two different costumes, Halloween and Mountaineer.
    5. They both can wear the same hats, so why not buy Scarlett Fox instead of Rahi Raaja?
    6. Scarlett Fox would really freak out if she saw her counterpart, Rahi Raaja, even having a wife, Nidhi Nirmal, who is also exactly the same as her in abilities and cost.
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  • Comicboss4000


    May 11, 2017 by Comicboss4000

    Duh. Temple Run 2 is the best! Duh, duh, duh.

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