The Wolfman is one of the limited time characters that was added in the Halloween update of 2016 for Temple Run 2 and can be purchased for 60 Gems.

Much like Sir Montague, he can't wear any hats at all.


"Tastes like beef chow mein..."
-getting caught by a demon monkey.

"I was un-a-were of the consequences..."
-falling from the runway.

"This doesn't look like London..."
"Smells like wet dog..."
-falling into the rushing river.

"Darkness has fallen across the land..."
-crashing to walls/objects.

"I'm an ANIMAL!"
"These are dire times..."
"It's not as bad as it looks.."
-getting caught by a demon monkey.
-falling from the runway.
-crashing into walls/trees/traps

-all conditions of death.