Zack Wonder is a playable character in Temple Run and Temple Run 2.

Appearance Edit

Temple Run Edit

He is a football star who can be purchased for 25,000 coins in the store.

He holds a football in his left hand, wears a blue helmet and football equipments in his body. However, his helmet doesn't protect him from bumping into trees or anything else. He can be purchased for 25,000 coins.

He is a laid back but strong character. Being a football star, he is notably fast and good at jumping.

Temple Run 2 Edit

He returns in the sequel, Temple Run 2 with the same appearance, except for his ball that switches to his right hand. He can be purchased for 250,000 coins, but he doesn't have any special powerup.

He is actually not the original character in temple run 2, but added later along with Montana Smith and Francisco Montoya.

In the Valentine's update, Zack comes with the Romeo outfit, and can be purchased for 60 gems.

Quotes Edit

"Tackled just before the endzone!"
-caught by a demon monkey.

"Good thing I wore my helmet!"
"Man down!" (TR)
-falling from the runway.

"My helmet didn't even help..."
-crashing to walls and objects.

"I need a time out!"
-crashing to a tree.

Gallery Edit

Temple Run Edit

Temple Run 2 Edit

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